student wellbeing

The wellbeing of each student is of paramount importance and this is reflected in all that we do.

Our school believes that all students can learn and that this best occurs where students feel happy, valued and secure. To achieve this, teachers, students and parents are encouraged to work closely together to create a safe and stimulating environment.

The school believes that the physical environment is important in promoting a positive attitude towards learning and self-esteem. Our school outdoor environment fosters this and includes a netball court, basketball court, Junior and senior adventure playgrounds, fitness track, sports oval and rebound wall.

school wide behaviour management (swpbs)

At our school we use SWPBS as a framework to help plan & implement practices, across the school, to improve educational and behavioural outcomes for all students. The SWPBS framework is founded on a positive approach to whole school wellbeing with targeted approaches for students with higher levels of need.

Each class has a negotiated set of behaviour expectations that are visibly displayed for reference throughout the year. SWPBS assists the school to be a positive place for learning & play.


school wellbeing officer

Rhonda Stuart is our Student Wellbeing Officer. She performs a critical role, in a most confidential & supportive fashion thorough out the school; supporting students, parents and staff.  Rhonda also works closely with each class focussing on the school’s values and student social skill competency.

breakfast club

We offer breakfast for students in need, before school, Monday to Friday. Volunteer community members & local businesses generously support this program. All students are then able to start their day with a full stomach and high levels of energy to support their learning.

programs for health & wellbeing

Feeling Safe Being Safe
Fruit Break
Junior Teeth Brushing
Walking School Bus
Vegetable & fruit tree garden operated and maintained by students on a class by class basis.



additional support

Our school has access to the Wellington District Support Services for the benefit of students and their families. Available services:

  • counselling

  • speech therapy

  • academic and psychological assessments.

School Medical Services

Nurses / DEECD Support Staff pay periodical visits. Parents are notified when these take place. Results from these visits are kept confidential and private communication by the Nurse / DEECD Support Staff is made with parents when necessary.

At specific times, the School Dental Service will be offered to families with a Health Care card through Sale. Free dental examination, treatment and dental education will be available.