our school values

We provide a challenging learning environment to equip our students for the future through honing our School Values.

Our R.A.R.E Values

At Heyfield Primary School our values of Respect, Aspire, Resilience and Engagement are central to all we do. We work together as a community to demonstrate our school values in the following ways:

  • Respect - of others and our environment
  • Aspire - to have hopes and dreams
  • Resilience - build resilience through our learning and attitudes
  • Engagement - engage fully with an inquiring mind


Our School Purpose and Vision

Our school community commits to working collaboratively to provide a safe, challenging and engaging learning environment. Students are encouraged to reach their full potential and develop as strong lifelong learners with high self-esteem and self-confidence. They will display respect of others and their environment, aspire to have hopes and dreams, build resilience in their learning and attitudes and engage fully with an inquiring mind.
We all develop as learners and demonstrate respectful practices when interacting with members of our school and broader community. We display positive attitudes towards challenges and encourage each other to give the best of ourselves.
We commit to nurture the growth of our students into skilled and successful citizens who will leave our school feeling confident and ready to face what life throws at them.
Our students and our community are at the heart of every decision we make, with the belief that all learners can progress and achieve.

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support for Engaged Learning (SWPBSEL)

Our school is very aware of the standard of behaviour required for good school tone and atmosphere. Children are expected to maintain acceptable standards of behaviour both at school, on the school bus and on school outings. Good manners must be encouraged at all times and judicious praise will be given to children who display them. The school has a ‘Student Code of Conduct’ that is sent home at the start of each year.

Heyfield PS and all State Schools in the Wellington Network use SWPBSEL to promote and reward positive behaviour in our students.

Read our Student Wellbeing & Engagement Policy