transition programs

Transition programs help students settle comfortably into new school environnments so they are ready to learn.

pre-prep transition

Heyfield Primary School offers an expansive ranges of transition visits for Pre-Prep students during term 4 each year. Varying days, times and durations across the term facilitates all these young students becoming comfortable with the school, and its staff and students.

ready, set, learn program

Ready, Set, Learn provides an additional and most valuable transition opportunity for Pre-Prep students. Ready, Set, Learn is offered during terms 3 & 4. The program facilitates the development of students’ pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills so that they will be more ready for formal learning.

To access Ready, Set, Learn, Pre-Prep children must be enrolled by the end of each year.


year six to year seven transition

Heyfield primary School has a very positive relationship with local Government and Independent Secondary Schools. All schools provide a number of valuable transition opportunities for Year 6 students to experience and become knowledgeable about their new school layout, routines, expectations, bus arrangements, etc.

year six graduation

A Graduation evening is held at the Heyfield Bowling Club in the final fortnight of term 4 each year to acknowledge student participation and excellence during their time at the school.