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Below is general information and links to generic school forms & that may be useful to parents.

school policies

School Policies available for download:

Administration of Medication



Camps & Excursions

Child Safety

Child Safety Code of Conduct




Medical Emergency

Student Wellbeing & Engagement

Values & Philosophy



Yard Supervision

DET (Victorian Department of Education and Training) policies

The Victorian Department of Education and Training has developed a new Schools' Privacy Policy for all Victorian government schools. Parents are able to view this policy and related documents using the links below:

DET Schools' Privacy Policy

Information for Parents



school forms

Links to useful forms for parents will be posted below when available.

Enrolment Form

School Uniform items list


school procedures a-z


Please send a written note to explain absences from school. Legally your child is obliged to attend school, and if no note is presented, teachers must assume the child is absent without your knowledge.

Bicycle Safety

The Road Traffic Authority suggests that children below Year 3 level should not ride on the road unless accompanied by an adult. Remember, wearing an approved helmet is mandatory.

Changes to Personal Details

Please notify the school of any of the following:

  • Change of Address

  • Change of telephone number

  • Change of contact person who will care for your child in the case of an emergency.

  • If you will be late collecting your child.

Head Lice

It is recommended that parents should check their child’s hair frequently. If there is any indication of head lice contact the Health Surveyor at the Wellington Shire Office.

Infectious Diseases

If your child is unwell please keep them at home to ensure the health of other children in the school. Information about school exclusion due to illness can be found on the on the School Exclusion Table by clicking here. This information is maintained by the Department of Human Services.

Late & Early Departures

Late to school Parents/guardians need to come to the office to sign the 'Late to School' book. All early departures also require parents/guardians to sign students out and state whether they will be returning.


It is very important for the school to have accurate and up to date information on your child’s medical and personal details including telephone contact numbers. Correct details may be critical in the event of an emergency.

For children who are Asthma sufferers parents are required to complete an Asthma Management Plan. You can access the Asthma Care Plan for Schools here.

Money at School

When sending money to school please ensure you place it in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, room number, reason and amount enclosed.

School Fees

School fees may vary from year to year but are always kept to a minimum. These fees cover the subject levies and class sets for the children. A list will be supplied before the end of the school year. Please contact the school if you have a query about school fees.

School Crossing & Collecting Children

The School Crossing in Temple Street has been put there for your child’s safety. Please encourage your child to use it if they have to cross Temple Street.
Delivering and collecting children by car can be a hazard if drivers do not obey the parking notices and road laws. A few extra metres walk will do your child more good than harm. We encourage parents to use Harbeck and Davis Streets as well as Temple Street when picking up or delivering children.

Visitors and Parent helpers

Any visitor to the school is required to sign in at the front office of the school where the Visitor’s Book is located.

Working with Children Check

All adult helpers are required to by law to have a current WWC. You can apply for a check from the WWC online at www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au