our curriculum

Our School Strategic Priorities are Literacy and Numeracy.

The school offers sequential programmes in English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Health and Physical Education, The Arts and the Humanities with an emphasis on themes across the curriculum. Learning outcomes for all students are carefully monitored, recorded and reported to parents.

Our School Strategic Priorities are Literacy and Numeracy and support programs in Literacy & Numeracy Intervention and Language Support are available.

The Victorian Curriculum

A broad and balanced educational program is provided throughout the school and is based on the Victorian Curriculum. The Victorian Curriculum F-10 has been developed based on the National Curriculum, but for the Victorian context. Your child’s progress in this curriculum will be reported to parents both in June and December.

You can find out more about the Victorian Curriculum F10 by clicking here



Information Technology

Heyfield Primary School has a a modern network of computers. We also have stand alone devices such as Ipads, Net and Notebooks and interactive whiteboards in each classroom.

Specialist Facilities

We have a well resouced library, a specialist room for art and a multi-purpose hall used for a range of activities.

education support services

We have access to specialists in the following areas.

  • Child Psychologists

  • Speech Pathologists

  • Visiting Teacher Services (Hearing & Vision)

  • Curriculum consultants