sport, camps & excursions


School Sport for Years  3- 6 classes are held each Friday afternoon.

House Sports are held each year in swimming, athletics and cross country.

Inter school Sports are held each year in swimming, athletics and cross country.

Winter Sports  - A full, one day, round robin fixture of football, netball and Tee Ball are  held in second term.

A wide variety of play facilities and equipment are available to students when outdoors to promote physical activity. These include a sports oval, junior and senior adventure playground, fitness circuit and rebound wall.


Swimming Classes

Swimming classes are taken at the Heyfield Pool during Term 1 for children in Years 3 to 6. The Junior classes go to Kemp Aquatics in Maffra in term 2.  Details about the program are sent home early first term. In 2014 school swimming bags are compulsory equipment items for Foundation students.

School Camps & Bike Education

School camps are part of the education program for Years 3 to 6 students. They give children the opportunity to experience living away from the family; to learn about different places and practise skills learned at school.



Students in Years 3 & 4 participate in the bike education program that prepares them to be safe on the roads when bicycle riding. The program culminates in a group ride out to and overnight stay at Munjarra Outdoor Centre situated at Sandy Point, Lake Glenmaggie. Whilst at Munjarra students participate in a variety of adventure activities as well as honing their riding skills at nearby Blore’s Hill Mountain Bike Circuit.

The Grade 5 & 6 students experience a biannual arrangement where one year they visit Canberra and Camp Coonawarra (near Dargo) the next.

Cost, venue and availability of staff are key factors when organizing the camp.


Excursions are an important part of a child’s education. Some are short walks to see our town. Others are taken on buses to see places, people and things of interest and educational value.
No child can be taken on an out-of-town excursion unless written permission and authority to take emergency action in case of illness or accidents is received.